The large, jagged cliffs along the western side of this realm provide some of the most impressive wind gusts. These are the lands across which the winter winds roar off the ocean toward the River Wilds. Weather here tends to be very volatile.

High in the massive Wyre tree groves on the plateau, the WindKin build their villages and homes. Accessible by either climbing or flight, these communities are secure from most ‘plodders’ as these feisty Fae call land bound creatures. These aeries are often attributed to a founding family.

Wyre are massive, ancient trees and weather the tempestuous winds that howl across the plateau all year long by growing in groves and intertwining their massive upper branches to support one another. These trees can reach heights of nearly three hundred feet with trunks measuring between ten and thirty feet wide.

WindKin construct shelters by flexing and weaving smaller branches over time into secure shelters that become part of the canopy ecosystem or even suspending these shelters below the canopy. These aeries often shelter successive generations.

Notable Settlements