These cold-blooded colonizers appear primitive to most but they are adaptive and resourceful.


HP: 5

Trait: Scaly Hide Heritage Trait (Heritage Composer, pg 30)


A deceptively hardy people, the Yusk have sought different regions of the map to colonize and gather resources. Slightly smaller in stature than the average human, the Yusk have successfully adapted to most of the encountered climates but interacting with other cultures has often presented difficulty. To other cultures the Yusk appear slow and primitive. Their significant navy and ancient sprawling cities, however, would indicate otherwise. The Yusk kingdoms are some of the oldest outlasting even the Naga Imperium and larger in population than the shining cities of the Medusa Oracles.

Yusk males are larger, with rougher scales and are generally more muscular. Yusk females tend to have smoother scales and slighter builds.


The Colonies

Lower Andrus: Yusk Realms