Called the Maenal Fae among the Kin. WindKin are smaller in stature from most other Kin and are more slight to allow for flight on their gossamer wings. They have an affinity for wide open spaces and travel.


Winged Flight Heritage Trait
Elemental Heritage: Air – Advantage on Tests against the effects of natural winds.

Drawback: Claustophobic – Enclosed spaces, like caves, caverns and even cities are unsettling and disorienting. Succeed at a Save Test or be at a Disadvantage while affected by this condition.


These slight Fae flutter about on their gossamer, dragonfly-like wings in loose communities typically only accessible by flight. These Kin are inquisitive but less likely to engage in tests of physical strength due to their less rugged builds. They are typically a head shorter than the average StoneKin and of very slender build. They are adept aerial acrobats and often give in to their wanderlust when they reach maturity.


High in the massive Wyre trees on the Zephyr plateau, the WindKin build their villages and homes. Accessible by either climbing or flight, these communities are secure from most ‘plodders’ as these feisty Fae call land bound creatures. These communities, called aeries, are often attributed to a founding family.

Wyre are massive, ancient trees and weather the tempestuous winds that howl across the plateau all year long by growing in groves and intertwining their massive upper branches to support one another. These trees can reach heights of nearly three hundred feet with trunks measuring between ten and thirty feet wide.

WindKin construct shelters by flexing and weaving smaller branches over time into secure shelters that become part of the canopy ecosystem or even suspending these shelters below the canopy. These aeries often shelter successive generations.


WindKin are flighty by most cultural standards, following the slightest breeze toward the next adventure. Ever curious and constantly moving these Fae are exhausting for most other cultures to be around for very long. Good natured and boisterous they’re always looking for excitement. They enjoy eating and exploring new places. When they’re ready to slow down they often return to the plateau and take up a more permanent residence in one of the aeries.

During their time serving their Air Elemental patrons the WindKin were tasked with many roles during the elemental conflicts. Courier, scout, ranged support and anything else where their light weight and speed provided advantage.