Misa Pridelands

Home of the nomadic and fiercely independent Misa Tribes. Only a handful of what could be called settlements exist primarily for annual festivals and Pridemoots. The Misa are avid hunters and provide some of the highest quality and most valuable hides in Upper Andrus.

Daza Hunting Grounds

The only remnant of the ancient Naga Imperium this thick jungle is home of the fierce Daza. This is also one of the best places for big game hunting with a thriving population of great lizards. Hunters must seek permission to stalk these lands or risk never returning.

Yusk Colonies

This peninsula is home of the Yusk settlements on Upper Andrus. Salt marshes, modest villages and savage flora and fauna make traveling this region dangerous without a proper escort.

Medusa Serpent’s Spire Enclave

On a small piece of land the ancient Medusa established an enclave of Kasia to advise the Yusk in their battle against the Naga. As the conflict ended a small contingent remained to assure the Medusa influence would be remembered.

Voren Clanhold

Tucked away over the Deepforge Mountains the Voren Clans survive and even thrive. Voren are industrious, generally social and have mastered the art of sailing in the harsh northern seas.