Ekhari Rhidolm

Largest human controlled nation of Upper Andrus. Ruled by powerful Merchant Houses. In most cases, if there’s coin, morals can be negotiable.

Ustara Septlands

Home of the Dragon People; warriors, scholars and commoners all follow their Sept’s Dragon Lord. The Ustara live simple lives in harmony with their Draconic mentors and the wilderness around them. The Dragon Lord is an Ustaran Chief that actually rides a Dragon.

Kyne Daas Wastes

A lost people wandering a wasteland seeking redemption for deeds performed long ago. Honorable to those worthy, savage to those unworthy. Outlander magic users are taboo in Kyne Daas lands. Rumors abound that Kyne Daas magic users are treated like animals and used like tools. Some attribute this to beliefs that any magic user could seek to enslave the Kyne Daas much like the Geomancers.

Illiwyth Rhidole

The whole ocean is their realm but they lay claim to an island where they build and maintain their fleet of ships. A capricious society full of corsairs, pirates and fishermen depending on the day and need.