Welcome to the Ki Nebula

Deep space holds wealth & horror in disturbingly equal measure.

May the gods stand between you and harm in all the dark places you must walk. ~ an ancient blessing

About the Sector

This sector of space is dominated by the Ki Nebula. Only the edges of the nebula have been tentatively surveyed and cataloged. Some unknown phenomenon prevents access to the Drift while within the nebula. This makes full exploration a very lengthy, costly and dangerous prospect.

Just outside the influence of this dampening effect, a deep space station, the Astraeus Terminal, has been placed with a Drift beacon allowing reliable navigation to and from other regions.

After years of exploration and lost ships, two-star systems just inside the nebula have been discovered.

  • STX-97H, between two- and twelve-days conventional travel into the nebula
  • AM-7278, between six- and thirty-six days conventional travel into the nebula. Once believed uninhabited, it has recently been discovered to be a thriving Confederation of cultures.

Oryx Extraction Management own and operate the various stations and outposts throughout the STX system and also manage staffing for all the activities throughout the sector.

About the Game

Aeons ago, before the sentient species we now know even existed, powers traveled the stars seeding the universe with diverse lifeforms. Most of these powers faded beyond memory leaving no tangible traces. Two remain, the ‘youngest’ of the powers but still beyond ancient. They take turns shepherding species across the universe and resting for thousands of years at a time, waiting, watching and occasionally nudging evolution.

Every millennia, servants of these powers inevitably clash. Never taking the field themselves, these clashes serve to cull the undeserving and advance the victor for the next thousand years.

These ancient powers have their own, unknowable agenda. They wield power that can only be comprehended as god-like and thus many cultures revere them as deities.

Our crew find themselves surrounded by these events and powers actively moving through the galaxy again.

This page is a supplement for a home brew Starfinder-based TTRPG. It is intended to provide players a central Infonet for reference and session summaries.

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Starships, Space Stations and Outposts are all from Ryan Wolfe’s 0-hr.com Future Armada series. His materials can be purchased through DrivethruRPG.com.

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