Quantum Gates

The Quantum gates were constructed by an unknown, ancient culture long vanished from the expanse.

These massive structures generate a field of energy that transport ships nearly instantly from one gate to another. The theory at this point is that the gates all exist in a state of quantum entanglement. As one gate generates a field, a ship transmits a sequence that triggers the same portal to open at another gate allowing the ship to pass through.

One of these gates exist in far orbit of each of the seven primary planets.

Slipstream Drives

These devices enable a ship to enter gravimetric slipstreams between celestial bodies increasing speeds dramatically. These drives can be impacted by solar storms and gravity anomalies such as high mass celestial objects. Drives are rated by their acceleration factor from Mk 1 to Mk 4.

Standard Transit

Normal travel relies on standard propulsion and can take weeks.

Some daring spacefarers have managed to develop a system of slingshot acceleration maneuvers to improve travel times for smaller vessels. This is especially dangerous in high mass starships subject to heavy inertial stress.

Quantum Gates are instantaneous transit between gate locations.

Slipstream drives divide the Standard Navigation time by the Mk rating of the drive.

Standard Navigation requires calculations based on known celestial positioning. This is a Standard Test with any kind of ship sensors. This is at Disadvantage if the navigator has no sensors or outdated data.

  • Success indicates a route exists for the desired destination. Roll 1d6 for the number of days required.
  • Failure indicates that the desired route is currently unavailable. Roll 2d6 for the number of days required.