This campaign’s crew roster is varied in heritage but nearly entirely focused on warfare. We are using Tiny Frontiers but I went ahead and converted the standard Starfinder Races into Heritages for the players to consider. In hindsight, it probably would have been simpler to stick to the Tiny Frontier core rule book.

  • Kasatha (Bodyguard concept, heavy melee) Four arms and one very large hammer.
  • Autoborg (heavy melee) Heavy cyberblade, a recovered Eldar Autoborg now autonomous.
  • Android (heavy ranged) Agricultural android refit for combat when the planet was invaded by the Dominion.
  • Human (engineer) A local human technician on a planet with minimal technological infrastructure remaining.
  • Vesk (heavy ranged) Mercenary whose unit was wiped out defending against the Dominion invasion.
  • Invex (engineer)