Seeking Submissions

RPGOracle is intended to operate as an archive. Not just for myself but for ALL my group members and anyone else that’s interested in archiving TTRPG content or other related stuff.

“What kind of content?” you may ask:

  • Character Backgrounds
  • Character Journals
  • Campaign Journals
  • Fiction involving any genre or platform of gaming
  • Short dungeons and encounters that could be used for any setting
  • Longer campaign concepts or back stories
  • Full adventures in a module like structure for any system
  • World Building Crapola!!
  • Reviews of any RPG stuff on any platform
  • Reviews of online RPG tools like virtual table tops, mapping, generators and about anything else that makes playing or running easier
  • Ramblings of ‘elder’ gamers that survived the “D&D is Devil Worship” period
  • Compare/contrast of one setting or system vs a newer one
  • Any original content for any system like races, monsters, classes, kits, archtypes, feats, skills, spells, weapons, vehicles, etc.
  • Movie, comic, cartoon, TV series, streaming series reviews or rants.

All content will be attributed appropriately. This is our legacy, lets record it for the ages; or till they turn the Internet off…

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