While the crew awaits delivery of Drax’s new power armor they have time to contemplate recent events and assess their strange position in the sector.

  • There is an active bounty in Confederation space for the death of the crew and destruction of their ship.
  • The sector is being infiltrated by Reptoids for some unknown reason.
  • There is a strange figure following the crew as they move around the Terminal.
  • The crew’s role in the battle and adventures leading up to it have catapulted the crew into a kind of celebrity status in this sector at least.

While they’re waiting, the crew decides to explore some new territories and job opportunities. Everyone but Strig decides to pay Nelari another visit in person to negotiate an off-books job in another part of the sector to let things cool off.

Enroute to the casino the crew spots the strange figure shadowing from the edge of the crowded market sector. Drax and Bosho break off to follow the figure while Kallie’Dar and Glack act as decoys. The figure apparently notices the shift and moves to exit the sector using the transit tube. Drax and Bosho enter a secondary tube to follow. As they exit the tube in Violet Sector they note three individuals moving toward the slums. None of them appear to be their target. Glack and Kallie’Dar arrive in time to observe with their magical senses. One of the three figures does stand out as all three slip into the slums. The crew moves to pursue.

As Drax and Bosho round a corner they see the individual of interest make a motion at a blank wall. The wall melts into what appears to be an open access hatch. After he passes through the opening vanishes, returning to a solid wall. Kallie’Dar recognizes the residual magic as a more powerful version of her own reality altering powers. After an unsuccessful search of the sub-sector they don’t manage to find any sign of the individual or anyone that recognizes them.

They return to Blue Sector and continue to the Aurora Casino to find Nelari.

As the crew enters, Nelari greets them and extends some house credit for them to gamble. He then leads the crew to a more private space to discuss business.

Glack asks if he has contacts in the Attien Combine that might need any less-than-legal assistance. Indeed, his organization does have contacts in that region of the sector. He’s happy to make inquiries on the crew’s behalf. He will relay the response to the crew once the contact responds. Meanwhile he again invites the crew to enjoy themselves at the tables. Kallie’Dar, not one to refuse an offer of free money, decides to pool the credit from each crew member and try her hand at the tables… again…

After a few exciting rounds, up by 100 credits she cashes out. The house reclaims their loan and she leaves 100 credits richer. On the way out of the casino, headed toward the transit tubes the sub sector is quieter than usual with the crowds thinner and some shops closed for a cycle. The crew is approached by a group of thugs, apparently interested in making a name for themselves by mugging the well-known crew. The four humans are dressed much like any number of rough gang members. A melee begins with the assailants wielding non-lethal incapacitators.

Two engage Drax, one engages Bosho and the last one squares up with Glack. This leaves Kallie’Dar playing support until she is struck by an injector dart from behind. This mugging just took a more sinister shift.

After a difficult fight, only Drax is still standing as the thugs have all been defeated. Still no sign of the dart wielding assailant from behind the group Kallie’Dar finally succumbed to the injected toxins. Drax manages to get Bosho up. Station security finally shows up, takes obligatory statements and releases the crew members back to their hangar. Drax and Bosho cart their wounded and unconcious companions back to the ship’s med bay.

Glack recovers but it takes a bit more time to neutralize the toxins in Kallie’Dar’s system.

An hour or so later an update from station security provides the following information:

  • The assailants all arrived aboard the same transport that originated in the Pact worlds.
  • Based on tattoos it has been determined that they were all once part of a mercenary group that serves a minor Drow house on Apostae.
  • No other witnesses or logs indicate that they were accompanied by anyone else.
  • The darts that hit Kallie’Dar were of Drow manufacture.

Nelaris finally contacts the crew with the commlink info for his counterpart in the Attien Combine. the crew fires up a comm channel and negotiates delivery of a list of goods.