This episode finds the crew on the Terminal prepping for their last supply drop at the Z3 research facility.

  • Reports of unidentified starships within or near STX have increased.
  • System patrols have been increased stretching the limited defense forces provided by the Vigilants.
  • Recent events on Z4 have created calls for organization and representation of the telepathic workers while others are calling for them to be expelled from the system or isolated to keep them from infecting others with their mutation.
  • Studies indicate that there is indeed a subtle energy emanating from certain materials harvested from Z4 that may offer clues to how only the human populace is developing these abilities.
  • Headlines from surrounding sectors are also reporting increased sightings of ‘raiders’ and assuring everyone that the sector security forces are capable of defending against the unusually organized raiders.

Kallie’Dar is contacted by Boss Nelari for a pickup on the Z2 outpost. Pay is 2000 credits. Package is a tank of unusual gas.

Winds of Change

As the Oranos settles onto the landing pad, there is a significant amount of movement all over the facility. It seems that a massive sirocco is churning toward the station and all personnel are moving to the excavation for cover. The crew battens down the hatches on the Oranos and head for shelter themselves.