In this episode the crew must determine how they will afford repairs and upgrades for their new ship.

  1. Station command grants the right of salvage on the ship and it’s recovered cargo. (it was all written off a decade ago)
  2. Ship registration fee (1000 credits paid to galactic ship master’s authority)
  3. Docking Bay fees (1000 credits for equivalent of a month docked from monthly pay)
  4. Calculate the cost of repairs (armor plating, reactor recharge and resupply: 1000 credits)
  5. Calculate the cost of upgrades/improvements. 20BP = 20,000 credits

Oryx offers to handle the expenses upfront with regular payments docked from their scheduled pay.

Time to earn those credits

The first official job for the crew and their new ship is to retrieve a shipment of food stuff from an agricultural supplier. The processing facility is called Abattoir-8 orbiting an automated agricultural outpost operated by the Attien Combine. These operations feed the majority of the Vast and are being replicated across the region to expand production capacity.

The crew docks at the Leria Supply Depot and await their cargos arrival. While in the freighter lounge the crew catches wind of a situation brewing.

News outlets are reporting facilities and ships across the Combine are going ‘dark’. Regular communications are being replaced with intermittent garbled messages punctuated with blood curdling screams.

The Combine navy is responding to all the ships in distress, but Liera Depot is concerned with the distress message received from the Abattoir-8 processing facility.

The crew volunteers to investigate the facility and report back with their findings.

After arriving, braving the horrific scenes throughout the station and reaching Control they discover the crew went insane and began either leaping into space through the nearest airlock or eating each other.

Only two survivors were recovered. One irrevocably insane the other strangely calm in the face of all the horror.

The crew reactivates the station comms and returns to Liera Depot. A few days later the ship is loaded with cargo and heads back to the Terminal.