Called Gyre Fae among their own people. RiverKin are well adapted to life on or near their fresh water rivers, fens, marshes and lakes. Only tell-tale features like a dusky or even green coloration on their skin and strange, dark eyes like pools of deep water belie their elemental ties. Living in damp and often muddy regions requires clothing and adornment to accommodate mud and plenty of swimming. RiverKin traverse their often swampy lands using broad, woven reed pads attached to their feet. Similar to snow shoes, these “mud hoppers” allow them to cross muddy bogs and even quicksand safely.


Elemental Heritage: Water – RiverKin have Advantage on swimming and diving Tests.

RiverKin can dive deeper, swim farther and navigate their native wetlands without error. They are averse to hot, dry and fiery environments and effects.


Gyre Fae cultivate the appearance of simple swamp farmers and trappers. This belies their sophisticated cultivation and harvesting techniques in their native wetlands. It isn’t that the Gyre are isolationists, they just don’t feel the need to welcome strangers into their small, scattered communities.


RiverKin live in scattered villages mostly populated by extended family groups. Often these settlements are built on massive, floating reed rafts in lakes connected by multiple water ways. Homes are typically built on stilts and often have a dock for fishing and boat access.

RiverKin fish and harvest food and materials from the deep marshes, swamps, bogs and fens they call home. They have an innate connection to the bodies of fresh water and mark seasonal shifts with lake-moots where different villages come together to feast, trade and generally celebrate their culture.


The Gyre served as way finders and scouts on behalf of their water elemental patrons navigating deep waters, facing horrors from the depths and plotting paths behind enemy lines during conflicts.