Type: Rogue planet

Orbit: Farthest from Sereg Prime, barely clinging to the gravitational well

Atmosphere: Nonexistent, a barren and frozen surface

Settlements: A single starship landed on this planet to act as a center of study and shelter. Smaller research team settlements dot the airless surface usually focused on unusual structures or discoveries.


There are no known native species on this planet.

Being the farthest from the primary star’s light this planet was the worst impacted during the Ruin. The opening salvos were fired on the base ship housing the vulnerable researchers of the planet. The meager security forces responded but posed no significant threat to creatures that thrive on darkness and require no atmosphere to engage in a space or ground assault.

As ground forces were overwhelmed some of the civilian researchers were stowed away in cryo pods and sealed off to protect them from the horrors assaulting the defenders. The low power modules mostly succeeded but the remaining forces were decimated.

After neutralizing the forces on this planet the Dominion war engine continued its invasion.

The Nomad is host to ancient ruins and relics of a culture long forgotten but believed to have been responsible for building the Quantum Gates found in the star system. Known only as the Aelari Architects, these beings vanished from the Expanse long before the Adina awoke on their fertile planet. After discovering the Nomad in distant orbit around Sereg researchers arrived to explore the strange planet dotted with ancient ruins exposed to the constant bombardment of meteors and cosmic forces.

Strange sensory experiences involving ghost audio in the stellar static and the occasional flickering figure at the edge of vision are reported but no directly harmful effects have been discovered.