• Lawful Neutral
  • Human
  • Soldier
  • Law Officer


  • Command of all defense forces in sector (military operations)
  • Oversight of station and outpost maintenance and operations (engineering operations)
  • Protect all sentients in the sector


Commander Sawyer was assigned to the Astraeus Terminal as her second significant command with the Vigilants. She is a no-nonsense commander that expects her crew to follow orders, do their jobs and keep the civilian populace safe but under control. Sawyer has command of all security forces in the Ki Nebula sector including the three fighter wings, the Vigilance Outpost and the Seraphim-class escort freighter that patrols the sector. She coordinates with the Oryx Station Administrator when it comes to civilian matters, commercial trade or manufacturing operations.

Order of Vigilance

One of many mercenary or para-military organizations, the Vigilants are mostly law-abiding peacekeepers for hire. They operate throughout the Vast filling the role of system security force or station operations. Unlike many mercenary groups the Vigilants honor their contracts to the letter.

The Vigilants recruit straight out of various academies and military forces drawing the lawfully minded into their ranks.

Rank and file members are the usual mix of military, law enforcement, technicians, engineers and pilots to better fill the roles played by the company.

To reach command level Vigilant staff must pass a rigorous battery of testing to assure the application of Law in the face of greed, corruption and temptation is absolute.

The Vigilants maintain recruiting centers and business offices in most major spaceports. Their headquarters is a Colossal Dreadnought registered as the “Ever Vigilant”. This vessel houses the command level personnel and traverses the Vast using off beacon space lanes and deep Drift pathways.