• Lawful Neutral
  • Android
  • Mechanic (Exocortex)
  • Opportunist
  • Kalistocrat Archetype


  • Manages Oryx interests in the Ki Nebula sector
  • Assures profitable supply harvesting, refinement and distribution
  • Executes all contract operations for the best interest of Oryx
  • Resides in Subsector One, C2 and C3 with a private garden, C1, accessible only through their private quarters.
  • Business administration for the station and sector, labor contracts, quota margins, and logistics operations.


Administrator Loriya was assigned their position on the Astraeus Terminal to actively manage Oryx interests. They are meticulous, articulate and exacting in managing the smallest part of the operations. This often comes across as penny pinching which is exactly why Oryx appreciates their Administrator. All contracts executed within the sector must pass through Oryx red tape to assure they receive their cut of all activities. The Administrator can reach real time feeds on every station through a closed hyper comm network. They can manipulate quotas and processing operations but usually leave it to the Outpost AI to handle.