Deep in the swamp of a minor kingdom, at the edge of the known world, stands a ramshackle shanty known only as “Grannies”. Patrons travel from across the realm seeking potions, elixirs and the occasional poison. Swamp folk visit Grannies to meet, eat meals and trade goods. It’s not unusual to find an assortment of goblins, lizardfolk, pixies, salimar, swamp karhu, pangolin, treefolk, dour swamp gnomes and even the odd glitterbug lurking nearby.

Granny provided her services to the swamp folk in return for the ingredients for her brews. The shanty became a hub of activity for the swamp folk.


One day, Granny didn’t wake up. Her goblin apprentice, Stym, and his sister, Rempi, took over operations. The shanty evolved into an impromptu tavern. The siblings recruited a swamp karhu baker, a salimar merchant and a lizardfolk herbalist to round out their operations.

Preface: This is our first excursion into Tiny Dungeon 2e, a TinyD6 based system by Gallant Knight Games. We decided to play a one shot adventure to explore the mechanics and characters. I decided to run the Quest for Dragon Spire adventure. As usual, the players had other intentions, but we managed to make it work.

As the characters were being generated it was quite clear there were no traditional ‘heroes’ to be found. The character concepts actually became more appropriate for a Tiny Taverns game (another GKG system).

The Motley