The Shrouded Grisette

Liberated Dominion Manta-Class Bomber (Tier 10)

Large destroyer

Speed 6; Maneuverability average (turn 2)

Combat Stats

* Armor Class 21
* Target Lock 20
* Hull Points 190
* Damage Threshold n/a
* Critical Threshold 38


Shields Heavy 240 (forward 60, port 60, starboard 60, aft 60)


Attack (Forward) 2x heavy plasma torpedo launcher (5d10, 20 hexes, limited fire 5)
Attack (Turret) 3x light plasma cannon (2d12, 5 hexes)


* Power Core: Pulse Orange (250 PCU)
* Drift Engine: Signal Booster (tier2)


* Basic, long-range sensors
* Crew quarters (common)
* Mark 6 armor
* Mark 6 defenses
* Mark 2 tetra-node computer (tier 5)

Expansion Bays

* Medical bay
* Cargo hold
* Sealed environment chamber

Crew & Modifiers

* Compliment: 4
* Passengers: 18
* Modifiers +2 to four checks per round, +2 Computers, +1 Piloting


This class of ship was designed as an organic hybrid bomber. The Manta-class bomber is an amalgamation of fungal growth and inorganic components cultivated by the dark intelligence of the Dominion Engineers. Grown and crafted in a dark solar system, flooded by the infrared radiation of a brown dwarf star, these ships are designed by Mi-Go engineers to support large assault groups.

The main cargo bay acts as either a bomb-bay or a missile launch bay depending on orbital or space combat requirements. The bay is typically sealed by a proper loading ramp. This ramp can be split and recessed to deploy bombs, missiles, medium-sized vehicles or even drop troops. This bay can also be sealed by force field emitters fore and aft while operating as a bomb bay or missile launch bay.

These ships are designed to be operated with a core crew of four assisted by the virtual intelligence cores. The ships are also outfitted with crew pods for up to eighteen passengers.

These additional pods can accommodate up to large-sized creatures. The pods are intended to allow for long distance travel under maximum conventional thrust for extended durations. They can also be configured as triage tubes keeping a sentient medically stable allowing time to heal. While in the pods, sentients are submerged in a strange fluid triggering a hibernation like state. Vitals lower to near imperceptible levels and aging nearly stops entirely. While in this state the sentient will experience vivid dreams of soaring above strange alien planets and witnessing amazing sights throughout an unknown galaxy all while a soft lullaby of barely audible tones sooths the sentient.

The listed tetra-node computer is actually four separate organic clusters tasked with specific functions. One for navigation, one for sensors/communications, one for tactical and the last for engineering. These clusters are capable of controlling functions within their sub-systems autonomously or provide bonuses for these tasks to an operator. While properly maintained, a telepathic harmony can be sensed. If a system is damaged the harmony is disrupted. Critical system damage across all systems makes the telepathic link feel discordant and can even cause painful psychic feedback.

All interfaces communicate in Aklo. In addition, the organic clusters are capable of interacting telepathically.

This particular ship is unique among all other Manta-class bombers deployed by the Dominion.

First, the crew previously managed to liberate a prototype fungal transit drive and integrate it with this ship’s systems. This allows the crew to travel as quick as conventional Signal Booster Drift Drive (rating 2) with some strange side effects. While in transit, the crew are incapable of performing any downtime tasks. Upon returning to normal space, time will have passed normally for the crew, but they will have no recollection of the journey. Anyone not accustomed to the strange transit experience will inevitably require time to recover upon returning to normal space. (Fortitude save DC 30 or be Nauseated 1d6 rounds). Strangely, after experiencing the transit three times, the severity of the condition lessens until it’s completely tolerable. (Fortitude save DC 25 or be Sickened 1d4 rounds. Fortitude save DC 20 or be Staggered 1 round). The crew pods on this particular ship have adapted to nullifying the impact of transit sickness caused by the unusual fungal drive’s operation.

Second, the ship is apparently extremely old, it’s been in operation as a Dominion bomber for potentially thousands of years. Over this time the virtual intelligence cores have developed true sentience. This manifests in systems operating of their own accord, often in unusual ways. Since being liberated, the ship has determined the crew and their mission is much more to its liking than simply following Dominion orders. That doesn’t mean it’s less capable of killing, only that it’s more selective and considers guidance from the crew before taking action.

Download the SheetT10_Vlar_Manta

Original ship image and concept from Ryan Wolfe’s Armada Codex Series 3 “V’lar Manta”. Stats adjusted for our game using the Starfinder RPG Ship Builder by James Turner.