Starfinder is a high fantasy, science fiction setting produced by Paizo Publishing. Players create characters from a long list of alien species that happen to include a large number of standard fantasy options.

Our main cast consists of seven players with some unique personalities.

  • Bosho, an android bounty hunter.
  • Kallie’Dar, a drow noble scion on the run from her family.
  • Strig Varo, a pahtra ace pilot.
  • Zopa, aysoki technomancer scholar.
  • Drax, a vesk soldier.
  • Glack, a shirren mystic scholar.
  • Gideon, a human bodyguard.


  • Species: Android
  • Profession: Soldier
  • Specialization: Bounty Hunter
  • Crew Position: Gunnery

Bringing his unique brand of humor and a growing understanding of the local sector’s less than upstanding citizens Bosho stands beside his companions and lends a blaster to every conflict.

Kallie’Dar Gallion

  • “Glitterbomb”
  • Species: Drow
  • Profession: Witchwarper
  • Specialization: Noble Scion
  • Crew Position: Captain

Drow are traditionally adherents of Abyssal and Infernal beliefs. They revel in the misery of others and control over anyone they perceive as lesser. Once every few generations a child emerges as an aberration. Other powers, older than the infernal or abyssal call to them and they frighten even their own kind. Most often this difference is discovered and snuffed out before the child can comprehend their patrons’ gifts.

This generation the child was hidden, tutored in skills to hone and explore their power. Kallie’Dar, on reaching maturity, understood that her lot in life was to be a weapon controlled by her family for their own gain. Her patron had other plans. An opportunity created by her reality bending skills allowed her to slip away from the family holdings and onto a transport headed for the edge of the Vast.

Strig Varo

  • Species: Pahtra
  • Profession: Operative
  • Specialization: Ace Pilot
  • Crew Position: Pilot

Strig is an ace pilot and his cat-like reflexes are proven time and again to save the crew in a pinch. Out of the ship he is a crack shot with his sniper rifle skills.


  • Species: Ysoki
  • Profession: Technomancer
  • Specialization: Scholar
  • Crew Position: Engineering (Engineering/Physical Science)

Zopa’s colony discovered a cache of alien technology. It released a technophage on their small community. Zopa was travelling. When he returned no one survived. He has since dedicated himself to discovering and studying ancient and alien technology with the hope of avoiding a similar fate for anyone else.

After Episode 5, Zopa was asked to assist the assessment of the alien technology being uncovered on Z3. During this time, he has been instrumental in reverse engineering the Mi-Go and Grioth technologies discovered in the ancient ruins.

In Season 2, Episode 4, Zopa returns to the hangar and rejoins the crew on their galactic journey.


  • Species: Vesk
  • Profession: Soldier
  • Specialization: Death Touched
  • Crew Position: Gunnery

What’s to say, he’s a vesk soldier that enjoys wading into melee with his doshko and dismembering foes. Most at home in a barracks or tucked away in his powered armor Drax provides the force of arms to get the crew through messy encounters.


  • Species: Shirren
  • Profession: Mystic
  • Specialization: Scholar
  • Crew Position: Science Officer (Sensors/Medical)

Dismissed from a Pact World university because of his, unorthodox, methodologies in studying life forms Glack ventured to the Vast to ply his medical skills and endless curiosity to unknown space. He patches the crew up, keeps the med-bay operational and uses the scanners to find unusual life forms.


  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Soldier
  • Specialization: Bodyguard

Following episode 8, Gideon received a request for his assistance in securing the mining facility where the “TK League” began to establish themselves as more than just a labor union. Under the guidance of Alaina, the League has organized into a more effective collective meeting and exceeding production goals through intuitive techniques for both mining and refining the resources from Z4. While monitoring the outpost Gideon managed to thwart another exfiltration of telepaths from the facility by Draelik traffickers.