Menders typically combine their understanding of physical healing and natural remedies with their connection to the magical energies that permeate all living things. A Mender focuses the magical energies surrounding them through the lens of their own being. They accomplish this instinctively much like a Maje with a focus on healing.

Menders often take a vow to harm no living creature except in self-defense or the defense of those under their care. Healing wounds frequently provides a different perspective to conflict resolution techniques.

A Mender can only heal another person once during or immediately after an encounter. After a wound has begun to heal on its own, the magic around it alters making healing much less effective. They can still stabilize, administer first aid or provide healing through other means.

Mechanics: Menders use the Healer Trait as found in the expanded Micronomicon starting on page 106. Menders are not subject to the Spell Failure rules.