Maje are innate magic users capable of manipulating magical energies flowing around them to produce subtle but fantastic effects.

Typically there’s something in their ancestry, a magically charged event in their background or even some kind of interaction with the unexplainable that is attributed to their ability to use magic.

A Maje’s spells will reflect their personality, beliefs and flare. While a ranged attack may seem like a simple affair, each Maje’s basic ranged attack will manifest differently because of their personal influence on the magical energies. The effect is the same, just the description of the effect would be altered.

Each player should develop a theme for their character’s interaction with magic. Something that is unique to their spells. Consider the character’s heritage and any background events that might influence their use of magic.

Mechanics: Maje use the expanded Spell-Touched Trait found in the Micronomicon starting on page 158. They are not subject to the Spell Failure rules.