Magic is the touch of wonder that allows any unbelievable thing to exist in a fantasy world. It provides the reasoning for flight without wings, defiance of otherwise accepted laws of nature and general awe-inspiring actions. Andrus is a high fantasy setting and embraces the concept of magic in several ways.

Spell casters in Andrus are adept at feeling, seeing and manipulating the energies that emanate from everything in the world.

Spell casters manipulate energies to create various effects. The only thing that changes is their approach to bending or guiding the energies.

  • An Arcanist bends magic to their will through rituals, formulae and other magical trappings. They often specialize in specific magical energies, methods and disciplines.
  • A Maje whispers to the magic to accomplish their goals. They seem to instinctually manipulate whatever energies they need for their effects.
  • A Mender focuses magic through the lens of their own soul to heal grievous wounds or treat illness and maladies.

Magic use across Andrus is as varied as the many cultures that flourish across the lands. Bards sing magical songs, Shamans traffic in spirit magics, Beast speakers commune with wild animals and there are even traditions of Magical Chefs in some lands.

Mechanics: Magic in Andrus relies heavily on rules found in the Micronomicon sourcebook and some of the expanded rules found in the Advanced Tiny Dungeon sourcebook.