Familiars are spirits that manifest in Andrus due to a connection to an individual’s attunement to the magical energies surrounding everything. Just because it manifests as a dog, cat or bird does not mean it’s incapable of intelligence or purpose.

Characters with this trait are called Bonded. The Bonded summons the same umbral spirit as a companion. The spirit takes the same form of a small animal typically no larger than a dog.

Andrus is a primal world full of ambient magic. It is actually possible for individuals with no magical aptitude to have familiars. However, in the case of a non-magic user, the familiar does not benefit from expanded Familiar Traits.

Mechanics: Expanded Familiar rules can be found in Advanced Tiny Dungeon starting on page 175 and the Micronomicon starting on page 92.

Familiar Traits

From Advanced Tiny Dungeon, page 178.

To deepen your bond with your familiar it is important they grow with you. These Traits work the same as Traits for your Adventurer, but they are for your familiar. Gaining familiar Traits are simple—when you would be able to gain a Trait for your Adventurer, you may choose gain a Trait for your familiar instead.

New Familiar Trait: Chimera

A familiar can gain one additional animal feature altering movement, senses or appearance. This trait can be taken multiple times.