This place is the topic of many bedtime tales. This is where all the boogymen come from and where bad children are dragged to be eaten by the Shadow. Facts about this place are closely guarded in Upper Andrus but the power behind the rumors cannot be denied.

I. Cultures

Ghouls, Wights and other servants of the Shadow.

II. Geographical Features

Blasted wastes surrounding a worn and barren mountain range.

III. Resources

The only resource found in this place is death, suffering, starvation and thirst. A perfect place to fester with the teeming servants of the Shadow that devour the suffering and dead.

IV. Travel

The trackless wastes around the windswept mountains can be traveled on foot or wing. No oases exist to offer shelter or resources to weary travelers. After night falls, in the pitch blackness, the Shadow hunts and haunts. Plucking at the sanity of any that would attempt travel across the cursed lands.

V. Climate

Dramatic temperature swings punctuate the day and night cycle, visibility is often obscured by swirling clouds of wind-swept sediment, dust and sand.