This area is the primary residential space on the station. Most of the sector is two stories high and the central hall of the upper floor is open to the hall beneath. A metal mesh balcony runs along the edge of this open space and bridges span from one side to the other at regular intervals.

The lower central hall is wide and spacious – a long open area broken only by the stairs going up to the balcony and the transit tube stop in the middle of the sector.

Section A1 is home to an urgent care triage clinic. This also happens to be the front office for the station brothel in section A2 on both the first and second level.

Subsector five is primarily single room quarters while subsector six provides family suites offering multiple rooms.

Deck plan image is from Future Armada: Argos III by Ryan Wolfe © 2007. Location names have been altered to better fit our story.