Blue Sector

Blue Sector houses a hotel-casino on one side of the tube stop and a collection of businesses on the other. It is the main commercial area for the Astraeus Terminal and is a bustling center of trade. Many visitors to the station never leave this sector as everything one needs can be found right here.


Subsector Nine

  • Astraeus Hotel occupies this entire subsector.
  • Owned and operated by Zhess Nelari (Leshunta, CEO of Nelari Hospitality Industries)
  • The hotel casino, The Aurora, offers a selection of mostly fair table games and a wide variety of alcohol.
  • Those looking for a more private drinking experience are directed to the Nimbus Lounge in the outer hall.

    Other businesses

  • Eclipse Luxury Spa
  • Nimbus Lounge
  • The Salvage Beast
  • The Chimera Amphitheater
  • Thai Ping Café
  • The Stellar Transit Agency

Subsector Ten

The blue-line Transit Tube deposits visitors between the Astraeus Hotel and the Blue Sector shopping district. In addition to the listed shops, there are many temporary stalls set up in the open spaces and even tarps spread on the floor for transient vendors selling just about anything imaginable.

Other businesses

  • Odd Eats Automat
  • AT Augment Clinic - Bio, Cyber and Magitech augmentations
  • Galactic Oddities - specializing in alien ‘artifacts’
  • Oryx Recruitment Corps - provides jobs for the unemployed
  • Brawndo Fitness - automated gymnasium with fitness equipment and virtual trainers.
  • Skyline Academy - provides education and technical retraining through virtual instructors and archived video lessons.
  • Saffron Jewel Bar – provides cheap food of dubious quality
  • Casual Fit - sensible casual wear for comfortable living
  • Exile Game Café – providing a place for networked vidgames and casual gaming
  • Digg-It digital catalogue showroom – Browse a huge selection of virtual goods – everything from clothes to appliances to sporting goods and foodstuffs.
  • White Lilly Day Spa
  • Snack Shack, a convenience store full of quick fix refreshments
  • Mul's Armory - A provider of medium and high-quality guns, armor, and accessories
  • Halo Ink tattoo parlor
  • Quick Shot Café - Stiff drinks for sharp shooters. Caters to Mul's Armory customers.
  • Gadget Shack – providing an assortment of electronic, computer, and tech gear
  • Banshee Conflict Specialists - This is a branch office and local hub for a mercenary company that operates throughout the Vast.
  • Azure Store - For a fee, they will store whatever the customer wants and retrieve it when desired. Anything from a safe deposit box to a modular cargo container (15x15x45 ft) is fine. Security cost extra.
  • ReGen Tubes - Provides medical submersion tanks rentable by the hour. Good for enhanced tissue regeneration.

Other Offices

  • Tumboss Duskirk (a gnomish private investigator)
  • T’zara (a Shirren specialist in Xenotech and translations)
  • Law Firm of Goldstein & Ruelle

NHI Corporate HQ

The Nelari Hospitality Industries offices are centrally located in blocks A4, B4 and C4.

Deck plan image is from Future Armada: Argos III by Ryan Wolfe © 2007. Location names have been altered to better fit our story.