Gateway to the Ki Nebula


This Argo-class deep space station, wholly owned and operated by Oryx Corp, is the transit hub for all traffic in and out of the Ki Nebula Sector. Strange as it may sound the station does get a reasonable amount of tourism, usually individuals or groups traveling the uni...

Excel-class Crucible Outpost

Resource Processing


One Excel-class Crucible Outpost serves each solar system as a central gathering point for all extracted resources. These larger outposts process materials into purified bulk cargo for transport to manufacturing facilities elsewhere.

  • 48 crew...

Security Outpost


Base of operations for system patrol craft, security response forces and operates advanced sensor and communication arrays.

  • 10 crew
  • 16 visitors (includes detention center, triage medical facilities only)
  • Each outpost hosts two fully armed and armored system Patrol Shuttl...