Carbon Planet

Terraformed garden satellite, This planet is mostly arid terrain with significant ice caps at each pole

  • Climate: Arid terrain with significant ice caps at each pole

  • Gravity: 1.5 normal gravity

  • Moons: One (terraformed)

  • Sapient Species: None Known

  • Government: n/a

  • Capital: n/a

  • Major Exports:

  • Major Imports:

Garden Satellite - Jolde

  • Climate: Temperate

  • Gravity: Normal

  • Sapient Species: Samsaran

  • Government: Ara Arcturus Confederation

  • Capital:

  • Major Exports:

  • Major Imports:

The Samsaran are mysterious on a good day and cryptic at all other times. Their origins are unknown but they have always inhabited Jolde and offered neutral guidance to their neighbors.

When the solar system was threatened by the Dominion millennia ago the Samsaran organized defenses and guided the Confederation to victory.

To this day ships attempting to enter the solar system must pass through the inhibitor field built by the Samsaran. This same field mutes communication and projects the solar system as empty other than celestial bodies.