Gas Giant

  • Climate:

  • Gravity: High

  • Moons: One (artificial)

  • Sapient Species:

  • Government:

  • Capital:

  • Major Exports:

  • Major Imports:

Artificial Moon

This is a relic from the time before. When the Old Gods and Elder Gods warred across the galaxy.

Thus far none in the solar system have managed to unlock the purpose of this satellite. It appears much like an undisturbed version of Apostae but less ominous. Attempts to land on the surface have been unsuccessful due to varying gravitational waves as you approach the planet. They operate almost like repulsors pushing would be explorers off course and away from the surface. rather than press the issue the rest of the solar system have opted to leave the planetoid alone.

Some suggest that the Samsaran may hold the key to accessing the structure in their ancestral memories.