As the group reaches the edge of the swamp, they enter the Wynding Wood, a particularly wild stretch of old growth trees and dense underbrush. The sun begins to set.

Being creatures of habit, Zertgon retires up a stout tree. Stym and Rempi find another tree and evict the raccoons from their den leaving Ssvlaa and Rizzle to settle in for the night. Not long after, the quiet is broken by low growling. Wolves move in to attack the exposed salimar and lizardman.

Zertgon waits for a wolf to pass below him and drops into striking distance with his claws. Stym leapt from the tree trying to mount a wolf and misses resulting in quite an undignified position. Rempi starts throwing stones and goblin curses. Ssvlaa engages with his bow and Rizzle moves into melee with the wolves. Making fairly short work of the malnourished wolves, Rempi begins field dressing the carcasses and harvesting useful bits.