From the primal marshes of Andrus the Yusk emerged, began to construct shelters, and tame the nearby wilderness. Great creatures stalked the wilderness. The Yusk banded together to tame or hunt them. In the beginning there were only small tribes scattered throughout the Great Marsh. Eventually, the Yusk came together and began establishing more substantial structures to anchor their ever-flowing civilization.

As the Yusk began to solidify into a dominant regional culture they developed art, science, crafting and magical aptitudes. Their primitive villages began to expand into growing cities and started to evolve toward stone edifices and controlled water ways. Agriculture and farming became a more reliable supplement for the ever-present hunt to feed their growing population.

The Yusk explored and mapped. At first only territories connected to their marshes. Eventually they expanded along coasts and deep into the surrounding primal forests, foothills and mountains. They quickly became adept at crafting boats suitable for near-coastal exploration.