The cultures known collectively as Wild Bloods are humanoid in nature but display some very specific bestial traits.

The Daza and Kasia are both serpentine in nature. Each is associated closely with one of the progenitor races. The Daza forcibly served the Naga as warriors while the Kasia choose to serve the Medusa Oracles.

Misa are nomadic cat-folk that travel and hunt their Pride lands. Capricious and curious these folk are nomadic and treasure tales of honor and bravery, true or not.

Voren are a large, rugged people with bovine heads and shaggy fur that exist as sailors, fishers, explorers, crafters and traders.

The Yusk are lizard-folk that have made it their mission to explore and settle as much of the world as possible. They have colonies on Upper Andrus and an ancient kingdom dominating the swamps and forests of Lower Andrus.

The histories of these cultures would indicate they are aboriginal inhabitants of this world.