As the goblins approach the outer fields, the mists roll out of the village spilling over the fields of rotting crops. Moving closer Rempi notices there aren’t any lights dotting the silent village. Wisps of chimney smoke mingle with the mists coming off the looming Dragon Peak. Closer still and Stym spots movement in the village. Something that looks like a human is moving like a drunkard shuffling deeper into the town and out of sight.

“Looks like there’s people here but no warm hearths apparently.” Rempi says.

“Let’s get a closer look.” says Stym.

The two goblins creep into the obscured village. No other movement can be seen. They approach a window and Rempi tells Stym to help her up to take a peek.

Stym gets down on all fours and Rempi scrambles onto his back. Peering into the dark home only the barest of embers can be seen in the hearth. No other indication of people.

Jumping down off her brother’s back Rempi says, “Better scram back to the gang and let them know what’s up.”

“Yeah, gonna take all night to get back to them,” says Stym. “Maybe Zert ‘ll cook up some tasty breakfast when the sun rises.”

“Doubt it, we’re down to roots, berries and some o that scrawny woof meat.” Rempi spits in the dirt as they move back onto the trail.

Arriving as the sun breaks the horizon the goblins relate to the rest of the group their observations.

“Perhaps if we just let the miasma take it’s toll we could claim the village and have a nice place for a change.” suggests Ssvlaa. “Could just say we were too late.”

“Nah, the bean counters would know we were draggin’ our feet,” says Rissle. “Can’t count on everyone being affected the same any ways.”

“Wouldn’t do to break their expectations. We need to at least introduce ourselves before too many more die. That way they’ll know who saved ’em,” says Zert between crunching some trail rations.

“Fine, let’s get hikin, maybe we’ll meet those nice fellas and steal their breakfast,” says Rempi.