Called Tallor Fae among the their own people. FlameKin are tall, graceful, Maje. They are long-lived, but were nearly wiped out by an unknown plague not long after arriving on Andrus.

Physically, they embody the classic beauty of elves. Tall, graceful, nearly opalescent skin with pointed ears poking out from long fiery-colored hair and eye colors from deep amber to gold. These Fae stand nearly a head taller than the average human.


Maje Heritage Trait
Elemental Heritage: Fire

Due to their heritage, they ignore damage from natural flames up to the size of a campfire. This immunity does not extend to their clothing or gear.


FlameKin appear to most as methodical, even ritualistic, in their daily routines. Beneath that serene and hyper focused exterior is an inferno waiting for an unbalanced moment to slip through and burn everything to ash and cinder.


FlameKin originally established their home in what is now known as the Bloodfire Forest. These lands have been long abandoned since the plague. They often establish isolated homes in locations surrounded by natural fire that can be used to deter visitors.


The FlameKin served the chaotic and destructive patrons of the fire elemental plane as soldiers and disposable assets for generations. They participated in many brutal faction and planar wars. Once they left the service of those powers, they sought a more introspective ethos, seeking peace within themselves and in their lands.

However, the FlameKin carried the enmity of powerful nature spirits they faced on the planar battlefield. During the conflict, these ancient spirits cursed the Tallor Fae forces that wreaked havoc and ruin on their realm with flame and blade.

Once the Tallor arrived on Andrus and began to establish their homelands, the curse struck. It nearly wiped the FlameKin out. After much atonement, the curse was lifted and the FlameKin were left humbled and diminished in number.