The galaxy, as it was known, ended when the Dominion began to re-ignite the rifts between the established stellar civilizations.

Now, back-water colonies are left scrounging for existence, praying not to be noticed by war machines that lurk between solar systems and hunt now desolate planets. Settled core systems, once capitals of their sectors, are isolated from their traditional frontiers and supply chains due to internal strife and aggressive depredations of travel and shipping lanes by outlaws, privateers and Dominion forces.

As the Dominion advanced, they reawakened their ancient world engines. These artificial celestial bodies were seeded across the galaxy to provide footholds in strategically critical navigation points.

In response, other world engines began to power up, opening portals for the Dominion’s ancient enemy, the technologically advanced Eldar. These beacon stations offered the only effective defense against the spreading darkness. Unfortunately, the Eldar heralded their arrival by destroying entire planets where Dominion forces or influence were too entrenched. This action shattered any illusion that the Eldar had arrived to help in any conventional sense.

These two ancient, extra-galactic empires have settled into a fitful stalemate, working through proxies and intermediaries trying to undermine each other. This leaves the galaxy desperately trying to reconnect old transit routes to migrate large populations out of now ruined solar systems and find a way to stop the giants in the playground from burning the known galaxy to the ground with their ancient grudge match.

We will be using the Gallant Knight Games Tiny Frontiers game system with some minimal customization to suit our table.

This campaign is set well after the events of our initial Starfinder based game as a new group of spacefarers try to explore and survive this new hostile galaxy.