A geologically young mountain range, this length of steep and jagged stone isolates the northern shores of Upper Andus from the, now, mostly human realms to the south.

The StoneKin arrived in these mountains, emerging from breaches between Andrus and the plane of elemental earth. They began to mine, burrow and carve their way through the stone and dirt building vast settlements, seeking rare minerals and prized metals. This range is the only source for Deep Steel in both its raw and processed forms. Many legendary weapons and armors are created from this naturally black metal.

The rolling foothills around this mountain range are home to settlements of less rugged and more sociable StoneKin that operate as trade posts for refined materials and supply grains and meat to the deeper communities throughout the range.

Notable Settlements


A hillside village of quiet farmers and herders at the far eastern tip of the mountain range bordering both the Ekhari and Voren realms.


A hamlet of hunters and tanners settled at the bottom of a mountain valley that acts as an entrance to the Stone Deeps at the midpoint of the southern side of the range bordering the Ekhari realms.


A large town with sturdy fortifications guarding the northern entrance to the Stone Deeps.


A thorp near the far western edge of the mountain range offering access to the Daas and far western Ekhari realms.


A large town settled near a series of natural volcanic vents that provide heat and steam to power the settlements great auto forges.


A small city in the Stone Deeps. The ceiling of this massive cavern glistens with various crystal growths that refract and glitter with even the slightest bit of light.


A large city that hosts some of the oldest StoneKin forges and foundries found in the Stone Deeps. This is the source of Deep Steel goods. Outsiders rarely visit FelForge. The populace tends to be very isolationist.