A servitor race created by the Naga Emperors using dark, corrupting rituals.

Daza are one of two serpent derived cultures on Andrus. They stand a full head taller than the average human and are heavily muscled. This culture acted as the enforcers and soldiers of the Naga Imperium. Their unquestioning loyalty allowed the Naga Emperors to enslave and control most of Northern Andrus.


HP: 8

Trait: Big


History for the Daza began during the Naga Imperium. The Naga required servitors to subjugate their territories and battle each other. They developed dark rituals to create easily controlled soldiers and servants. When the Naga Imperium eventually fell, the remaining Daza withdrew to the tangled swamps at the fringe of the Naga territory, regularly warring with the Misa tribes for hunting grounds.

As a created species, the Daza present no discernible gender. It is believed that they still employ the dark rituals created by the Naga to propagate their population. Coloration tends toward mottled earth tones and deep greens providing natural camouflage in their swamp homelands.


The Hunting Grounds