Wandering through the forest, making reasonable time thanks to Zertgon forging a pathway through the underbrush, the group finally emerge at the top of a hunting trail with a commanding view of a valley. In the distance, another day’s journey or so, a village stands at the base of a mountain range. The description and map indicate it is Brookhollow. An unnatural haze obscures the structures and appears to dissipate into the fields of dead and dying crops.

Zertgon decides the rest of the journey can wait till the morning and turns in. Ssvlaa and Rizzzle agree and begin to setup camp. Stym and Rempi, however, feel the need to travel half the night to investigate the village before the whole group approaches.

Making their way just off the main trail to avoid predators they come to a clearing. As they move to cross a voice from concealment on the opposite side of the clearing stops them in their tracks.

“Oi, you there, if ye wanna reach the village you gotta pay the toll.” six humans emerge from their cover and line up. They’re dressed rugged and brandish simple weapons used by thugs and bandits.

Rempi steps forward, “We be travlin to scout yonder village. We got some flea-bitten wolf pelts but if you want gold, we’ll have to run back to the war party.” She steels herself for the rouse to fail.

Some concerned looks between the bandits and muttering under their breath, their leader speaks again, “We have no quarrel with a goblin war party. I suppose we can let you pass this time.” Trying to put on a brave face the bandits fade back into their cover. Stym can hear their quickly retreating steps through the wilderness.

Rempi looks to Stym, “That’s that I suppose. Lets get moving.”