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Oryx is a service management corporation specialized in raw material extraction, refinement and logistics. This means they contract with other corporations to staff mining operations, manage operations and distribute the resulting resources as needed.

This cushions the other corporation from labor disputes and indemnifies them from legal issues that may come from the extraction of raw materials from troublesome sources. In other words: plausible deniability.

The Oryx headquarters is located in a small office of the Spire on Absalom Station in the heart of the Pact Worlds. They pay vast amounts of money for access to high level offices and important people. Their corporate marketing and lobbying staff are very good at their jobs.

The bottom line is "production pays the bills" so whatever it takes to meet the quota. A steady stream of low paid sentients to keep operations moving is critical. Operating beyond the range of Near Space can be dangerous. It's not unheard of for 'trouble' operations to get wiped out by raiders or undiscovered contagions.



Pact Worlds

Near Space

The Vast

Astraeus Terminal "The Terminal"

Astraeus Terminal control is split between an Oryx Business Administrator and a contracted security force Commander.

Administrator Loriya is an Android that manages all civilian aspects of the Terminal and the Sector. The Administrator is responsible for any and all contracts, harvesting operations and logistics. They can connect to any outpost nearly instantaneously through a closed com beacon network. Through this link the Administrator can check production, manage supply deliveries and provide instruction to the Outpost AI.

Commander Sawyer is the lead security officer for the sector contracted through the Order of Vigilance. The Commander has complete control of anything to do with the security of sentients in this sector. To this end she has three flights of fighters, an armed escort freighter and security personnel on every outpost and in each harvesting facility in STX-97H. The Order also provides engineers, medical personnel, pilots and all the command staff. Only the Commander has access to the secure channel connecting to the Vigilant Outpost.