I. Cultures

This is the ancestral homeland of the Yusk. They emerged from the swamps and marshes, formed communities based on family lineage. A great leader arose and consolidated the disparate communities into an actual unified nation.

Other adjacent cultures include savage Bullywugs and sinister Ettercaps. As the Yusk expanded their territory they began to force these other cultures out of their native territories which fostered long-standing grudges.

Through their expanded exploration the Yusk encountered the Kasia who, in turn, introduced them to the Medusa Oracles.

II. Geographical Features

Rivers, Swamps, marshes, fens and bogs permeate this dense jungle. Even the flora can be carnivorous and megafauna roam, graze and hunt the region. The Yusk have cleared spaces near bodies of water to construct their largest settlements. The central focus is nearly always a stone ziggurat covered in carvings telling tales of the settlement’s ancestors. Many small villages still dot the region with a focus on familial ties.

III. Resources

The Yusk live in harmony with their primal jungle environs. They waste nothing and craft nearly everything they use from the local resources. Though they have evolved to growing crops in airable lands they still rely heavily on hunting. Old growth timber is felled to construct watercraft of all kinds.

IV. Travel

The dense underbrush makes for difficult terrain to travel this region. The Yusk make extensive use of the many water ways to traverse the region using various types of water craft and swimming.

V. Climate

This area is heavily forested with dense undergrowth, very damp and humid. Those without scales often find the environment less than comfortable.