A Royal Courier


Much later, a human appears at the door. His fancy clothes caked in swamp filth indicated he took the hard way to reach the shanty. He looked puzzled at the scene inside the shanty and [...]

A Royal Courier2024-01-27T11:48:01-06:00

Hungry Woofs


As the group reaches the edge of the swamp, they enter the Wynding Wood, a particularly wild stretch of old growth trees and dense underbrush. The sun begins to set. Being creatures of habit, Zertgon [...]

Hungry Woofs2024-01-27T11:48:29-06:00

Dadburned Bandits!


Wandering through the forest, making reasonable time thanks to Zertgon forging a pathway through the underbrush, the group finally emerge at the top of a hunting trail with a commanding view of a valley. In [...]

Dadburned Bandits!2024-01-27T11:48:49-06:00

Goblin Reconnoiter


As the goblins approach the outer fields, the mists roll out of the village spilling over the fields of rotting crops. Moving closer Rempi notices there aren’t any lights dotting the silent village. Wisps of [...]

Goblin Reconnoiter2024-01-27T11:48:57-06:00

Welcome to Brookhollow


Mid day the group rounds a bend and gets a clear look at Brookhollow and the miasma flowing down from Dragon Peak. The daylight might thin the mist some but it still seems to cling [...]

Welcome to Brookhollow2024-01-27T11:49:04-06:00
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