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Season 2, Episode 10


Season 2 Finale In the weeks following the destruction of the Vigilant Outpost, the Dominion began a series of lightning strikes and quickly isolated Oryx facilities and operations the STX system. Across the galaxy, news [...]

Season 2, Episode 102023-07-29T00:05:16-05:00

Season 2, Episode 9


Syndicated Expansion As part of their negotiations with the Eclipse Syndicate the crew agreed to introduce them to Nelari. The intent being a partnership between underworld organizations for mutual benefit and growth in mutually exclusive [...]

Season 2, Episode 92023-07-29T00:03:17-05:00

Season 2, Episode 8


The Hesperus Debris from the battle spinning off into the asteroid belt the Hesperus hails the crew. "Perhaps this is not the place to introduce ourselves. We are sending you coordinates where we can meet [...]

Season 2, Episode 82023-07-29T00:02:23-05:00

Season 2, Episode 7


The crew exit transit near the Terminal. It seems things are going well. With the new trade coming from the Confederation and improved funding from fresh investments, the Terminal appears to be experiencing a growth [...]

Season 2, Episode 72023-07-29T00:00:39-05:00

Season 2, Episode 6


Welcome to Gaskar III A watery world, third from its star, Gaskar III consists of the crescent-shaped continent of Lavnovya and an irregular ring of islands, all surrounded by the massive, storm-wracked Yulalov Ocean. The [...]

Season 2, Episode 62023-07-28T23:59:21-05:00

Season 2, Episode 5


Welcome to Absalom Station The crew exits transit. A massive space station floats amidst one of the busiest solar systems they have visited. Za'Del signals his headquarters, and the crew are cleared for landing. Strig [...]

Season 2, Episode 52023-07-28T23:57:25-05:00

Season 2, Episode 4


After months on assignment assisting with the cataloging of Dominion technology at the research facility on Z3, Zopa returns to the crew's docking bay. Zopa was instrumental in neutralizing the threat posed by the shipmind [...]

Season 2, Episode 42023-07-28T23:55:39-05:00

Season 2, Episode 3


While the crew awaits delivery of Drax's new power armor they have time to contemplate recent events and assess their strange position in the sector. There is an active bounty in Confederation space for the [...]

Season 2, Episode 32023-07-28T23:54:24-05:00

Season 2, Episode 2


Following the dramatic destruction of a planet to rebuild the ConFed sensor net the crew took some time to dig deeper into their new ship. The More You Know Glack probed the tactical sub systems [...]

Season 2, Episode 22023-07-28T23:50:09-05:00

Season 2, Episode 1


The crew are towing their salvaged bomber back to dock for repairs. Travel is slow as the ship in tow is larger than the Oranos. Duergar fleet command redirects the Oranos to a facility that [...]

Season 2, Episode 12023-07-28T23:47:27-05:00
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