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Season 1, Episode 10


Fungus Among Us While in dock at the Terminal, Glack begins really investigating the extent of conversion being caused by the alien fungal drive. It appears that the more power is applied to the alien [...]

Season 1, Episode 102023-07-31T19:33:29-05:00

Season 1, Episode 9


Destination: AM-7278 Objective: Warn and evacuate all Oryx personnel from the solar system before the potentially hostile ship arrives. Oryx dispatched the "Atronach", a Drake-class explorer ship over a year ago with a crew of [...]

Season 1, Episode 92023-07-28T23:41:55-05:00

Season 1, Episode 8


Holed up in a hostile complex, the crew recovers while extracting data from the command center consoles. The species operating the facility are called Mi-Go, a rough translation. They appear to be one of the [...]

Season 1, Episode 82023-07-28T23:40:06-05:00

Season 1, Episode 7


The sirocco grinds through the desert shifting metric tons of loose sand and dust scouring exposed stone and shredding everything else. After hours in the excavation tunnels the crew and researchers feel air movement from [...]

Season 1, Episode 72023-07-28T23:37:10-05:00

Season 1, Episode 6


This episode finds the crew on the Terminal prepping for their last supply drop at the Z3 research facility. Reports of unidentified starships within or near STX have increased. System patrols have been increased stretching [...]

Season 1, Episode 62023-07-28T23:35:47-05:00

Season 1, Episode 5


The crew of the Oranos is wrapping up another supply delivery at the new Z3 research facility when a coded message for Gideon arrives. "Hello, I never introduced myself, my name is Alaina. I don't [...]

Season 1, Episode 52023-07-28T23:34:14-05:00

Season 1, Episode 4


The journey back to the Terminal is strange, two passengers, two bodies and lots of questions. The mercenaries are also still processing the encounter. Grateful to the crew for recovering their officers, the two remaining [...]

Season 1, Episode 42023-07-28T23:16:29-05:00

Season 1, Episode 3


The Terminal merchant that purchased the Noqual from the crew asks if they would be interested in a delivery contract headed to the Z4 Outpost. Restricted travel requires that the crew have an alternate purpose [...]

Season 1, Episode 32023-07-28T23:16:50-05:00

Season 1, Episode 2


In this episode the crew must determine how they will afford repairs and upgrades for their new ship. Station command grants the right of salvage on the ship and it's recovered cargo. (it was all [...]

Season 1, Episode 22023-07-28T23:08:10-05:00

Season 1, Episode 1


The deep space transport exits the Drift and everyone begins moving to get a look out the nearest view port. A vast nebula fills the void of space and an outpost hangs nearby surrounded by [...]

Season 1, Episode 12023-07-28T23:06:42-05:00
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