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Starfinder is a high fantasy, science fiction setting produced by Paizo Publishing. Players create characters from a long list of alien species that happen to include a large number of standard fantasy options. Our [...]

The Main Cast2023-08-03T19:21:59-05:00

Personnel: Administrator Loriya


Lawful Neutral Android Mechanic (Exocortex) Opportunist Kalistocrat Archetype Roles Manages Oryx interests in the Ki Nebula sector Assures profitable supply harvesting, refinement and distribution Executes all contract operations for the best interest of Oryx [...]

Personnel: Administrator Loriya2023-07-31T16:33:41-05:00

Personnel: Commander Sawyer


Lawful Neutral Human Soldier Law Officer Roles Command of all defense forces in sector (military operations) Oversight of station and outpost maintenance and operations (engineering operations) Protect all sentients in the sector Background [...]

Personnel: Commander Sawyer2023-07-31T16:30:17-05:00
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