Pathfinder, 2nd Edition

First, let me say, I was skeptical of a second edition because I lived and suffered under the constant development of Basic, 1st Ed and 2nd Ed of Dungeon's & Dragons. It was an arms race of hard backs and splat books seemingly for no reason other than to drain any and all 'disposable' income [...]

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Manx Darkthorn

Currently enjoying a pathfinder based game in our game master's home-brew setting. This is my character's background story. Yes, I'm role playing a female. It's good to shake things up on occasion. I pulled the portrait from DeviantArt somewhere linked from Pinterest. A slight adjustment on the eye color made it fit. Born deep in [...]

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Draconic Scion

I'm playing a Human Bloodrager in our current game. It's essentially a Sorcerer mixed with a Barbarian. All the Rage powers are enhanced with Sorcerous bloodline magic. I selected the draconic bloodline so when I activate the Rage feature my character manifests some cool dragon stuff like claws and breath weapons. We've reached 9th level and I've [...]

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Darkmoon Vale; Second Session Summary

Onward to Droskar's Crucible to find the last ingredient. After an uneventful half day's travel through the forest our heroes top a wooded hill and get their first look at the deteriorated structure. Being mid day they decide to explore the ruins before nightfall. They begin with the single intact tower accessible through the courtyard. After [...]

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Darkmoon Vale; First Session Summary

As many may know, Pathfinder adventures are created for parties of four characters of the same-ish level to experience. We began our session with two, first level characters. They decided to generated human, female, rogues so I walked each of them through the generation process; abilities, skills, proficiencies, armor, initiative and weapons. We ended up with Amber, [...]

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