Journal of Jyles Pain

This is Jyles Pain's journal/notes from his recent excursion in the lands of Iuz in the Greyhawk setting. I may swing back and add dialog but I've always sucked a bit at conversations in narrative text. The Dyv is a fickle bitch and always invites disaster. Since the ravagers chained me to an oar all [...]

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Once more into Oerth!

Shield of the Raven Legion So, new GM, new game, old setting and rules. We're going back to old school AD&D 2nd Ed and Greyhawk. My character will be a classic Warrior-Fighter with the Myrmidon Kit from the Complete Fighter's Handbook. Plain old DPS and Meat Shield roles. Our GM is starting us at [...]

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Oerth Creation Myth

Posted by Samuel Weiss on 02/11/98 12:00:00 AM In the beginning there was nothing, and it was satisfied. And as the Nothing knew satisfaction, it became. And in becoming, was no longer nothing. And so possibility existed. That is, that nothing could become something. And there was a point where the Nothing, now something, recalled [...]

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Dorgha Torgu

Gary Gygax wrote to the World of Greyhawk Fan Club: “I have discovered a heretofore unmentioned deity of the World of Greyhawk, one Dorgha Torgu, an old Suloise god. I will do a brief write-up of same for the Greyhawk Grimoire.” For our members, I thought this info should be disseminated now, as well as [...]

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Scarlet Brotherhood’s Agenda

Scarlet Brotherhood’s True Agenda When the Great Binders were created by powerful Suloise mages and used to trap the Genie Sorcerer King and several other powerful Genies the Inner Planar gates to Oerik opened. Unknown to the Suel mages this opening was just what the evil race of humanoids known only as the Yikaria needed [...]

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