April 2024

The Ruin

By |2024-04-09T15:20:53-05:00April 8, 2024|Galactic Requiem, Timeline|

Referred to as the Ruin, the relatively short time Dominion and Eldar forces spent in the Expanse was devastating. Dominion Arrival The sudden arrival of the Dominion in the Adarion Expanse set off planetary [...]

March 2024


By |2024-03-25T16:34:42-05:00March 25, 2024|Mechanics|

The example roles provided for these frames are primarily focused on military usage. Freighters and Mining ships are often commercial or privately owned. Other things like luxury liners, personal yachts, exploration ships and party [...]

System Transit

By |2024-03-25T16:34:06-05:00March 25, 2024|Mechanics|

Quantum Gates The Quantum gates were constructed by an unknown, ancient culture long vanished from the expanse. These massive structures generate a field of energy that transport ships nearly instantly from one gate to [...]

System Survey

By |2024-04-06T10:49:17-05:00March 24, 2024|Requiem Locations|

Star: Sereg Prime Type: Yellow Primary Star Planets: 7 major planets, with numerous dwarf planets and moons Type: Lava world Orbit: Closest to Sereg Prime, with extreme temperatures and volcanic activity Atmosphere: Thin, [...]


By |2024-04-26T14:40:25-05:00March 24, 2024|Requiem Cast|

This campaign's crew roster is varied in heritage but nearly entirely focused on warfare. We are using Tiny Frontiers but I went ahead and converted the standard Starfinder Races into Heritages for the players [...]

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