August 2023

Upper Andrus: Fae Realms

By |2023-10-21T14:13:21-05:00August 11, 2023|Andrus, Realms, Upper Andrus|

Deepforge Mountains A geologically young mountain range, this length of steep and jagged stone isolates the northern shores of Upper Andus from the, now, mostly human realms to the south. The StoneKin arrived in [...]

Upper Andrus: Wild Lands

By |2023-10-23T11:21:11-05:00August 11, 2023|Andrus, Upper Andrus|

Misa Pridelands Home of the nomadic and fiercely independent Misa Tribes. Only a handful of what could be called settlements exist primarily for annual festivals and Pridemoots. The Misa are avid hunters and provide [...]

Upper Andrus: Human Realms

By |2023-10-21T14:11:32-05:00August 11, 2023|Andrus, Realms, Upper Andrus|

Ekhari Rhidolm Largest human controlled nation of Upper Andrus. Ruled by powerful Merchant Houses. In most cases, if there's coin, morals can be negotiable. Ustara Septlands Home of the Dragon People; warriors, scholars [...]

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