October 2023

Illiwyth Rhidole

By |2023-10-21T14:05:04-05:00October 21, 2023|Andrus, Human, Realms|

The whole ocean is their realm but they lay claim to an island where they build and maintain their fleet of ships. A capricious society full of corsairs, pirates and fishermen depending on the [...]

Kyne Daas Wastes

By |2023-10-21T14:04:27-05:00October 21, 2023|Andrus, Human, Realms|

A lost people wandering a wasteland seeking redemption for deeds performed long ago. Honorable to those worthy, savage to those unworthy. Magic use is generally taboo among the Kyne Daas. Not to say they [...]

Ustara Septlands

By |2023-10-21T14:03:24-05:00October 21, 2023|Andrus, Human, Realms|

Home of the Dragon People; warriors, scholars and commoners all follow their Sept's Dragon Lord. The Ustara live simple lives in harmony with their Draconic mentors and the wilderness around them. The Dragon Lord [...]

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