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Zephyr Plateau


The large, jagged cliffs along the western side of this realm provide some of the most impressive wind gusts. These are the lands across which the winter winds roar off the ocean toward the [...]

Zephyr Plateau2023-10-21T13:56:44-05:00

River Wilds


The RiverKin settled this sprawling region of cold wetlands building small clusters of family communities throughout. Some larger settlements were created to facilitate trade and keep other people from wandering the treacherous fens, bogs [...]

River Wilds2023-10-21T13:56:10-05:00

Bloodfire Forest


This isolated peninsula is home to a strange forest of pale, smooth barked trees that bear blood red, broad leaves year-round, even when the winter winds cover the ground in deep snows. It is [...]

Bloodfire Forest2023-10-21T13:55:33-05:00

Deepforge Mountains


A geologically young mountain range, this length of steep and jagged stone isolates the northern shores of Upper Andus from the, now, mostly human realms to the south. The StoneKin arrived in these mountains, [...]

Deepforge Mountains2023-10-21T13:54:54-05:00
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